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Epilepsia® is the world's leading journal of original scientific research and commentary in epileptology. Epilepsia® is one of the journals of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). The Journal publishes original articles on all aspects of epilepsy, clinical and experimental. The journal also publishes timely reviews, as well as commission and task force reports from various ILAE groups. Subscriptions include access to Epilepsia® On-line, which allows access to current and archived issues of the journal. 12 issues, now with access via a mobile app


Online Only - $35

Paper and Online - $75



Epilepsia Open® is ILAE's new Open Access online journal with a mission to make original research for all aspects of high-quality epilepsy research widely available through open access publication, including preliminary, confirmatory, failure-to-confirm studies, and negative results.
Open access, no subscription required. 



Epileptic Disorders is the International League Against Epilepsy’s premier journal for educational communication. Its mission is to create educational links between epileptologists and other health professionals in clinical practice and scientists or physicians in research-based institutions. Content includes Case reports, commentaries, updates on recent developments, andeducational documents. A major feature is video-EEG sequences available online and on a DVD supplement included with each issue. Every subscriber is given an access to hundreds of videos, teaching materials, current and archived issues, ahead of print articles, and other material.

Online Only - $45


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Epigraph is the official newsletter of the International League Against Epilepsy. Published twice monthly, Epigraph provides an update of what is going on with ILAE and its chapters around the world.

Complimentary via email to all members. No subscription required.

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Other Journals 
Epilepsy Research 


Epilepsy Research seeks high quality articles in all aspects of both basic and clinical epilepsy research, from biophysics to epidemiology. There is a special emphasis on translational research that ultimately relates to epilepsy as a human condition. 15 issues. 

Online Only - $101

Paper and Online Version - $200

Seizure - European Journal of Epilepsy



Seizure - European Journal of Epilepsy focuses on the publication of high quality research relevant to clinicians - not only about epilepsy in children and adults but also about comorbidities, surgical, drug, and non-drug treatments, and psychogenic non-epileptic attacks.

Online Only - $84

Paper and Online Version -$194


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